Qualifying Report: A Tough Start at Donington Park

by | Apr 22, 2023 | BTCC | 0 comments

Bobby had a difficult start to the 2023 BTCC season, finishing 22nd at Donington Park. Despite facing mechanical issues and struggling in straight-line speed, he remained optimistic about his car’s potential for tomorrow’s race day and the season ahead.

Thompson said, “After a frustrating day, I think we have a really good car underneath us it’s just a matter of unlocking it. We have some mechanical issues on the rear which we need to look into and we are struggling in a straight line compared to some of the cars around us.

“Considering this is a brand new car for 2023 and only had the final pieces put together earlier this week I can’t fault the boys and girls at the team and once these niggly issues are sorted we will have a really good race car underneath us.”

Bobby’s performance showed promise, given that his team was using a brand new Cupra Leon for 2023 which was finished just a few days ago. Fans can expect to see Bobby and his team make improvements during all three races tomorrow which are shown live on ITV4 from 10:45