Racing Driver Coaching

Bobby Thompson is a highly skilled and experienced racing driver coach, known for his coaching abilities both in Europe and America. With a wealth of experience in the racing industry, Bobby has successfully coached drivers to win championships, including the Radical World Championship and junior race wins in the Fiesta Junior series. He has also worked with drivers in the Ferrari Challenge, Ginetta GT4 Supercup and Ginetta Junior championships as well as being the focal point of Team Hard’s BTCC campaign.

Bobby’s extensive knowledge and experience have made him one of the most sort after instructors in the UK and with an ARDS A grade instructor license, he is qualified to work with junior drivers.

With his proven track record and expertise, Bobby is a trusted and sought-after coach for drivers looking to improve their performance and achieve their goals in racing.

Bobby Thompson - Racing Driver Coach and Mentor

Bobby Thompson

British racing driver – BT Motorsport

Bobby offers a range of racing driver coaching services to cater for all needs and experience levels.

In-Car Tution

In-car tutoring involves hands-on instruction and coaching from Bobby, with the aim of helping drivers become faster, safer, and more confident on the track. The focus is on developing the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in competitive racing, including proper tyre warming, precise car control through driver inputs, and refining driving techniques for optimal performance.

Race weekend/Track Side Support

As a track side support specialist, Bobby offers a comprehensive service to racing drivers, particularly newcomers. Bobby provides instant feedback and guidance to drivers to help them progress during a race weekend. He acts as a liaison between the driver and the engineering team, interpreting the driver’s feedback on the car’s performance and communicating this information to the engineers to make necessary adjustments to the car’s set-up. After each session on the track, Bobby conducts data and video analysis to gain insights into the driver’s performance and identify areas for improvement. He then uses this information to make further adjustments and provide additional guidance to the driver. With his expertise and dedication, Bobby helps drivers improve their performance and achieve their goals on track.

Off-Track Support

Bobby offers a comprehensive off-track support service to help upcoming racing drivers prepare for race weekends. This service includes a pre-race briefing to help drivers understand what to expect and a post-race debrief to review their performance. Bobby uses advanced technology, such as virtual walkthroughs and video breakdowns (OVS), to help drivers understand their performance and identify areas for improvement. He also provides step-by-step guidance throughout the race weekend to help drivers maximise their performance. With Bobby’s expertise and experience, he is able to help drivers achieve their goals and become successful racers. His off-track support service is a crucial aspect of the driver’s preparation and success in racing.